Online Threat Assessment Training Program

The K-12 Threat Assessment T3 is an online “train-the-trainer” course developed specifically for Threat Assessment Team members and others that are tasked with providing training and education for their school community on key aspects of the threat assessment process and their school entity’s policies, procedures, and protocols. Upon completing the full set of 12-online course modules, training participants will be able to understand and effectively articulate key components of the threat assessment process, including how these processes interact with other school-based practices, models, and interventions.


NOTE: All of the individual training modules are available, free of charge, to any individual with an interest in behavioral threat assessment and management subject matter. School employees may also use this training to satisfy the requirement under Section 1310-B (a)(1.1)(ii) (relating to identification or recognition of student behavior that may indicate a threat to the safety of the student, other students, school employees, other individuals, school facilities or the community) of the Public School Code ONLY. This training is NOT designed to meet all Act 55 training standards for each school safety and security topic in section 1310-B of the Public School Code.  Please click here for more information about Act 55 training.

Continuing Education Information.  The PCCD K-12 Threat Assessment training can be applied to Act 48 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours (see Section 1303-E(b)(2) of the Public School Code). Those undertaking the training (both online and in-person) should submit their certificates of completion through their school entity to be credited the CPE hours.

School-based personnel and administrators who fully complete the core K-12 Threat Assessment T3 online course modules (modules 1 thru 12) or who attend an in-person training session will receive a certificate of completion via email within 10 days of completion, and this should be submitted as part of their school entity’s established mechanisms for receiving CPE credit.

(Note: More information about these professional education requirements and other resources are available on PDE’s Continuing Education webpage). Please note that, at the end of each of the modules you will be asked to submit your completion using a simple form asking for your email address. This ‘module completion form’ enables the project to track how many people are accessing the online training and to tag completed modules to each individual learner, and so is how the project is able to determine who has completed all core modules and will receive their certificate of completion.

For those accessing the T3 as professional development prior to delivering training in their school entity, you are advised to take the modules in sequence, as the course builds through concepts and applied process incrementally.

For individuals who will not be responsible for delivering training, you can begin the training modules with Module 2 (Training Scope, Conduct, Goals and the Legal and Administrative Context). Note that if you are seeking continuing professional education credit, you will need to complete module 1 as well however as the credit is associated with the completion of all 12 modules.

Overarching Resources… in Analog!

An essential trainer’s companion to the training curriculum, providing detailed references and additional commentary to the online T3 content.

We have updated the Manual to now incorporate the updated requirements associated with Threat Assessment team training resulting from amendments to Act 55 of 2022.

The model presentation directly aligned to the written and online training materials.

We have updated the training presentation to reflect the updated requirements associated with Threat Assessment team training resulting from amendments to Act 55 of 2022.

The model process flowchart depicting, schematically, the steps in behavioral threat assessment and management.

Online Threat Assessment Training Modules

Main Modules

Additional in-Module Online Video Resources

REMINDER: to record your completion of each module, you must click the button that will appear on the screen at the end of each video.

If you would like to download any of the additional in-module online video resources for later offline viewing, please use the repository link here. Select a video and click the “download” button, then choose your desired quality level.

This module is designed to provide all staff working in public education in Pennsylvania with an understanding of how and why threat assessments are carried out when threats are made or concerning communications or behaviors are identified. The processes referred to in the module are aligned to the PCCD Model Procedures and Guidelines. Those in operation at individual school entity level are likely to vary, as they are driven by the specific local context and needs of the school entity. However, the module will provide a good grounding in the concepts and principles underpinning behavioral threat assessment and management and the generalized process for the conduct of threat assessments.